Sunday, February 18, 2007

Esther and Batsheva III

Having written last year about the similarities between Esther and Batsheva, I was a little surprised to open the book Hadassah Hi Esther for the first time, and see that the very first article was entitled "Between Esther and Batsheva", and dealt with the similarities between the two. I was much more surprised to find that my list of similarities and R' Bazak's had absolutely nothing in common. I focused on the Uriyah episode; R' Bazak wrote about how Batsheva thwarted Adoniyahu's claim to kingship. While R' Bazak's article is by far the stronger and better argued, I think that the parallels we each found can be combined, thus strengthening both of our arguments. And there may be room for a grand unified theory identifying a common source for the similarities. If I survive the final exams which are coming up soon (and which will probably restrict my blogging output for a while), then maybe I'll find something to say on the matter.

UPDATE: Here is the "grand unified theory" I was looking for.

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