Thursday, February 01, 2007

Crazy day

I was in the supermarket this morning, and some random guy starts talking to me in English. It turns out he's a college student from the US, interning for the semester at a high-tech company. Out of the blue he offers to start a chavruta with me, and of course I agree.

Then when I'm in the checkout line, someone I've met a few times on campus passes by and invites me to a Shabbat meal - which otherwise I might have had to eat by myself. I agree to this too.

Then I go to a meeting with my project advisor. Last time I was so unprepared that he literally told me that "this is not kindergarden" and so I need to start taking my project seriously. But this time I show him all my results, and he has trouble understanding them. When he finally comes up with an explanation, I basically shoot it down. He has to admit that although he thinks he is good at physics, this time the physics doesn't make any sense to him, though it makes perfect sense to me.

Shortly afterwards I'm in my lab running simulations, and an attractive, seriously religious looking girl whom I've never seen before is working two computers away from me (clearly, on a subject very similar to mine). At one point she answer a phone call, mixing her Hebrew with fluent English. Do I find an excuse to get up and start a conversation with her? Well, unfortunately, not this time. But hopefully whatever substance got mixed into my water today will still be there tomorrow or the day after. If so, I'll get to take advantage of the few remaining extraordinary coincidences and opportunities which I didn't take advantage of today.

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