Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Crunch time

In less than 19 hours I will begin taking an exam. It is worth 70% of the grade of my most important class this semester. It will be the first school exam I have taken in nearly 2 years. It is three hours long. It is the first exam I will have ever taken in Hebrew, though I got (grudging) permission to write the answers in English. The material is all stuff I was totally lost on all semester, and for the most part learned in the last couple weeks, much of it in the last 36 hours, and an undetermined part which I have yet to learn. But my brain is fried and I don't think any of what I'm learning now is being remembered. And even now, just sitting at my desk reading lecture notes, I'm so nervous that my hands are shaking and I can't write a complete sentence. Which is a state I have rarely been in in my life, even during an exam.

My roommate recommended that instead of studying the material, I study Sefer Tehillim.


Hopefully this post will be... I'm not sure what. But I can always hope.

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