Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Solelim to Kfar Hasidim

Since I had no class today, and exams are over, and the weather was beautiful, I went on an approximately 18-kilometer hike today between the above towns. Some of the highlights were:

  • 1 peacock
  • 1 insect-eating plant (I think)
  • Wildflowers in every color of the rainbow except orange
  • 1 conversation with an Arab boy named Ahjemyad (I'm SURE I got that wrong)
  • 1 decomposing goat carcass (no smell)
  • 2 decomposing motor vehicle "carcasses"
  • The jawbone of an ass (or some other animal, who knows), and other impressive looking bones
  • 1 steep hill with trees growing out of it perpendicularly. It really looked like the world had been rotated by 45 degrees.
  • The world's best-trained guard dogs. They sidled up to me, nicely with tails wagging, and hung out next to me while I stood still. Then I took a step towards the cows they were guarding. There was a soft but unmistakable growl. I stopped and went in the other direction. They remained where I had been as I walked away. If only half the people I know could communicate as clearly and politely as these dogs did.

On the down side, there were way too many cows, and I wasted lots of time avoiding other not-so-nice guard dogs, and watching for cow excrement in my path when I could have been watching the scenery.

All in all though, a pretty fun day.

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