Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Beware the crazy dog

I have a serious post coming up (if I can ever figure out how to formulate one of the main concepts... been struggling with that. Lots of editing and re-editing.) In the mean time, it's less than 30 days until Pesach, which means worrying about what to eat and when to clean and if and where to go on vacation... and which also means it's time to discuss the laws of Pesach. In lieu of serious discussion, which I'm sure you can get from other sources, this is just a cute story found here and elsewhere.

Person: Do you need kosher for Pesach toothpaste?
Rabbi: No, toothpaste is not fit for a dog's consumption.
Person: But my dog eats toothpaste.
Rabbi: I can't help it if you have a crazy dog.

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