Monday, December 23, 2013

On choosing your wife

Yaakov and Moshe married country girls (shepherdesses). They ended up wandering around constantly for the rest of their lives.

Yitzchak married a city girl (Haran). He ended up living in one place for the rest of his life (the Negev).

In short: choose your wife carefully.

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micha berger said...

Cute, but... Moshe married Ethiopian royalty in his youth, wandered around, married a shepherdess as his second wife when he was in his late 70s (!) and within a year or two took charge.

According to the Rashbam, this is the Cushite woman that Miriam and Aharon discuss in Bamidbar, meaning that Tzippora was a co-wife, not his soul partner, and only for the last third of his life -- compared to the princess, whom Moshe married when he was in his 20s...