Wednesday, June 09, 2010

How much is a pruta?

The halachic pruta is equivalent to the value of 0.022 grams of silver. (0.025 grams according to a different opinion). (Source)

0.022 grams = 0.000776 ounces (Source)

0.000776 ounces silver = 5.5 agorot (Source)
0.000776 ounces silver = 1.4 cents (Source)

The price of silver, and thus the value of a pruta, may change with time. You should always be able to re-click the last two links to get an updated figure.

This was on my mind because of its relevance for maaser sheni.


micha berger said...

Is the din of a perutah applicable to a perutah in particular, or to the smallest legal tender in your locale?


Beisrunner said...

According to my maaser sheni link, the law applies to the value of silver, not the legal tender.

For other purposes like kiddushin, I have no idea. I'd guess that this goes by silver as well.

It's interesting though how the smallest legal tender (1 cent, 5 or 10 agorot) is so close in value to a pruta. said...