Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stupid dvar torah of the week

Yosef, in this week's parsha, is like Jonathan Pollard. Both are righteous people who get falsely accused by an evil, anti-Semitic government and placed in prison. Hopefully the US will realize the wisdom of listening to Pollard before they are punished with famine, suffering and destruction, like Egypt was.


Unknown said...

The only thing stupid about this dvar torah is the title! Why is the author reluctant to just call a spade a spade without hedging his bets by denigrating his statement in advance by calling this a "stupid" dvar Torah. Ever since its arrest and brutal treament of Jonathan Pollard,including the twisted subverted legal process and Draconian sentence, the US has been in a steady decline... a process that has been accelerated in recent times. Nothing stupid about that!

Beisrunner said...

1. Pollard is hardly righteous on the level of Yosef. For some specifics, read his (Pollard's) wikipedia article.

One glaring difference between the two: Pollard has been able to apply for parole for over a decade but for some reason has chosen not to. Yosef, of course, applied for "parole" the first chance he got.

2. All things considered, I think the US is doing better now than it was 25 years ago. And whatever decline they have suffered, particularly in the last couple years, is better attributed to policies or choices that affect millions of people rather than one people.

Beisrunner said...

one people -> one person