Friday, May 01, 2009


In almost every nature reserve in northern Israel there are herds of cows walking around and grazing.

I used to think how nice it would be to be one of those cows, living all your life in such beautiful and interesting surroundings. (Bear with my anthropomorphism for the moment.)

But then I realized why it is better to be human. The cow spends its entire life in one beautiful location. I, as a person, can eventually see every such location.


Ari E-B said...

Also, the cows get eaten.

Reuven said...

Also, the fields that the cows graze are occasionally minefields, especially when towards the Syrian border. Paying to clear the mines is very expensive, but the government paying for the occasional gibbed cow is less so.

Beisrunner said...

Bachrach44: A honorable end to one's life.

Reuven: If those are the cows I run into then it's lucky I'm still around to write these posts.