Sunday, March 22, 2009

It happened in ruchniyus

A couple weeks ago I went to a Shabbat meal at a certain Chabad family. At one point, two of the guests got into a disagreement about what their Rebbe said or did about a particular subject. One of them asserted something, and the other responded, "That didn't really happen - it happened in ruchniyus."*

What a great response! Whenever I want to be polite in pointing out that somebody's idea is nonsense, or when they insist on taking literally something which should really be taken allegorically, I now have the perfect answer. "What you are saying is true, but only in ruchniyus." I can't wait to use it.

*That is to say, it's "spiritually" true, even if not factually true.

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Ari said...

Someone was talking about the "vort" that the last two time birkat hachama came out on erev pesach was the year of purim and of yetziat mitzraim, which is clearly not true, since it happened this century, and I'm willing to bet before that as well. In any case, I said "That's true, but only in Ruchnius." :)