Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Memshelet hayom vememshelet halaya

אל חי וקיים תמיד, ימלוך עלינו לעולם ועד. ברוך אתה ה, המעריב ערבים
God who lives and exists always, He will rule over us forever. Blessed are You Hashem, who makes evenings come.
(end of the first bracha of maariv)

Once you finish ruminating over the unusual comma placement in the above quote, there is a question you should ask yourself about the words. The entire blessing talks about day and night, except for this one line which talks about God's kingship. What is the connection between day/night and kingship, and thus, what is this line's relation to the rest of the blessing?

I think the answer is as follows: One primary consequence of God's kingship is control over all the diverse natural phenomena. The sun "rules" over the day and the moon over the night. Saying that God created both sun and moon implies that God rules over sun and moon, and by implication, over all of creation.

(Inspired by R' Yaakov Medan, "Daniel: Galut vehitgalut", p. 42)

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