Wednesday, May 21, 2008

T-Rays and my legacy

Some of the research I am doing for my master's degree involves making sensors for terahertz radiation (or "T-rays"). T-rays are best known because they pass through clothing but are reflected by solid objects such as the human body, making them of immense interest to airport security checkers... as well as to voyeurs and perverts.

I just learned of an equally weird, but less disturbing, use for T-rays. Apparently you can use them to scan a fruit or vegetable for insects. The rays pass through leaves and plant matter, but not through animal skeletons... or something. I will have to look into it more. The implications for kashrut could be revolutionary.

I am excited that my work has taken a more idealistic turn. No longer will history remember me as the guy who made it easier for pornographers to gain new material.* Now, my grandkids will know that it was I who eliminated the terrible scourge of bugs in lettuce and broccoli and allowed God-fearing Jews to eat their Shabbat salads without any fear of infestation.

*Though, to be honest, the through-clothing pictures seem to be unavoidably fuzzy and black and white, and I think that a real live person in tight clothing would be infinitely sexier.

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