Friday, October 26, 2007

God overturned these cities

I live on the very edge of of the Carmel mountain in Haifa, with an incredible view from my window of Haifa Bay and the Krayot ["towns"], suburbs of Haifa which stretch out in the flood plain below me.

This time of year, reading about the plain of Sedom being destroyed while Avraham watches from the mountain of Hevron, I can't help imagining that instead of Sedom/Amora/Admah/Tzeboim being destroyed, it's Kiryat Yam/Kiryat Haim/Kiryat Motzkin/Kiryat Bialik. Perhaps the angels will relent, and in the end Kiryat Ata will be spared. Meanwhile, from my perch in Haifa I get to watch the whole extravaganza.

The sulferous chemicals (though I can't smell them from here) and burning waste gases from the oil refinery do nothing to dispel this impression.

I apologize to all the nice people who live in the Krayot.

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