Sunday, July 15, 2007

Nine days

There is something of a custom to have only cold showers during the period before Tisha Beav.

But this year I won't be doing it. In Haifa, in the summer, my normal shower consists of 100% cold water. I would willingly take such a shower several times a day, if I had the time.

So in order to be uncomfortable, my bathing will have to be in hot water.


Brooklyn Habiru said...

Perhaps vegetarians should start eating meat during the 9 days.

PS: You’ve been tagged

Beisrunner said...

And hippies should have to cut their hair. Definitely worth considering.

PS: Unfortunately, I am not so committed to the ethic of the blogosphere. When I think of something worth writing about, I post it, but I don't blog "lishmah". So I'm not sufficiently motivated to do these lists or whatever. There, I just told you one new thing about me...