Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lech lecha

An extremely powerful song.
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The song is based on the phrase on the phrase "Lech lecha" which only appears twice in Tanach - in God's commands to Avraham to move to Israel and to sacrifice Yitzchak. In the song, these challenges become a metaphor for all of Jewish history.

Ignore the ethnocentrism of the site as a whole. Along those lines, I wish they'd chosen a different display for the very last frame of the video. What they use there misrepresents the song as a whole. This is not the jingoistic anthem they imagine to to be.

Some lyrics are admittedly cheesy, but others aren't.

Translated lyrics:

To begin in Aram Naharaim
To pass through the fiery furnace
And to set out on the journey of eternity
With water and dry bread

To bind the son, the child
As if uprooting the last hope
And to bring down the knife upon him
Year after year

And to hear from above
The voice which says:
"Lech lecha, lech
Lech lecha, lech
You, the 'other' (?); you, alone."
"Lech lecha, lech lecha" - meaning: to become Jewish.

To descend from here to Egypt
And to exit from Egypt to here
Without knowing if in Jerusalem
The journey will reach its end

To be both prince and king
And officer in the courts of Spain
But always to feel a knife
Resting on your neck

And to hear from above...

To always wait for the coming of
The voice which calls also to you
To know that your father's house
Will not always be your house

To wander from country to country
But to carry like a seal and oath
The memory of that land
Whose pillars are seven [not sure what this refers to]

And to hear from above...

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