Friday, May 04, 2007

Global warming... or just local warming

Summer has reached Haifa, and I'm missing the altitude of Jerusalem or Gush Etzion, where it is often warm but there is much less in the way of humidity. For the first time in many years I'll have to live through a "real" summer without the benefit of air conditioning.

When I visited this apartment last summer in order to sign the lease, it slightly disturbed me that my landlord was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers at the time. It just seemed weird to greet potential business partners and to conclude a legal agreement while in your underwear.

But now I more than identify with his fashion sense, even if I'm not quite ready to dress that way myself. Right now I'm midway through preparing for Shabbat, and the prospect of wearing long pants and socks all day and tucking in my shirt and not showering is not appealing. If Eliyahu haNavi could walk around Haifa 2800 years ago not wearing a shirt, why can't I?

If only, like that one year in summer camp, there was a walk-in refrigerator which you could retreat to (and have a tasty snack in...) whenever the heat became unbearable.

On the plus side, our electricity bills will go down drastically. We're no longer inclined to shower in hot or even warm water, so we don't need to turn on the heater.


Unknown said...

eliyahu didn't wear a shirt?

Beisrunner said...

Melachim Bet 1:8 perhaps indicates that that was the case.