Thursday, January 25, 2007

Only in Israel (Ruach haKodesh)

So last summer I posted on one of my university's message boards "Looking for a religious [male] roommate". (I add the brackets because I used the male grammatical form for "roommate" but otherwise did not specify the gender.) A couple days later this girl with a trendy-new-Israeli-girl-name-that-I-can't-even-pronounce emails me, using a flowery purple font, to say that she is interested in being our roommate, and she "is not religious but could keep kosher". Ummm... right. I sent back a polite email explaining why it would not work.

Fast forward to today. The same girl emails me. After scrolling through about 4 layers of forwards I reach the actual message. Apparently "Rabbi Abuchatzeira" (if that's who I think it is, didn't he die recently?) had a dream, and in his dream an important man told him a 2000-year old secret. What was this secret? Well, within 3 hours from when you read the email, you will receive a phone call. If you forward the email to 20 people, the phone call will "make your week". If not, then it will be the worst week of your entire life.

Now this girl, who had my email in her address book from 4 months ago, thought it worthwhile to forward the chain mail to me, apparently so that the 2000-year-old rabbinic prediction of a make-your-week phone call would come true.

Israelis are so interesting.

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Beisrunner said...

By the way, I did not receive a single phone call in the three hours following reception of the email. Just so everyone knows :)