Thursday, December 21, 2006

You want to inspect what?

If you go here you can see the Google Maps aerial photograph of the Dimona umm.. textile facility. It's the darkish gridlike thing right in the middle with a road around it. If you want, zoom out to verify that the location is more or less correct (Google Maps doesn't have actual maps for Israel yet so you'll have to trust me at some level). And notice the very oddly-shaped lake to the lower right.

Next, check out the Israeli equivalent map site. The same oddly shaped lake is there, now much clearer because of the higher image quality. But where on earth has the textile factile gone?


Unknown said...

Google maps has perfect high resulution maps of that whole area if you go 3 miles west or about 10 miles north/east/south.

And the Israeli one is funny cause you can see the intersection with the road to it, and then the line where the blank was photoshopped in. The blank was cloned from about 65km due west of there, and was used twice (the sand patterns repeat).

Any idea what this is?

Beisrunner said...

Someone got way too bored in year 3 of their army service, I guess.

Beisrunner said...

In related news, the Kiryah has been replaced by a park. That's nice. Tel Aviv could really use another park.