Friday, November 18, 2005

Not the Rabbi's Center

Walking by Yeshivat Merkaz haRav today, I was surprised to see its name translated as "The Rabbi Kook Universal Yeshiva". That got me thinking as to how the English could correspond to the Hebrew. Apparently it's not the Yeshiva of Merkaz haRav, but the Yeshivat Merkaz (central Yeshiva) of the Rav. Thus, all the people who call it simply "Merkaz haRav" are WRONG. Of course, now I get to be the pedantic one who corrects them all the time.


Anonymous said...

Of course, now I get to be the pedantic one who corrects them all the time.

You'd enjoy that, wouldn't you?


ravyehoshua said...

Rav Kook speaks at length in numerous letters of his desire to establish a "Universal Yeshiva" - one which would be at one and the same time an extension as well as transformation of the traditional model. It was intended, thought, from the outset to produce a new kind of leader, a new kind of Rav, one who would intrigue and inspire the sorts of whom Rav Kook spoken in Hador (amongst many other places). Thus it was from the outset intended to be BOTH Yeshivat Merkaz and Merkaz Harav. As to whether it has achieved those lofty goals - - - but who could have, especially absent the leadership of the visionary during the last seventy years.

By the way, neighbor - your earlier post about the separation fence includes a toss-off remark indicating that you are completely unaquainted with Bat Ayin. Why not come to the yeshiva this Shabbat for an amazing davvenning and seudah and begin your enlightenment?

Beisrunner said...

"Rav Kook demanded too much of his disciples; their ability to tolerate tension, polarity, and outright contradiction has shown itself to be no match for his own. By formulating his monistic principle in absolute terms, Rav Kook virtually guaranteed that those who came after him would fall short of the mark." -Tradition 30.3, in the Rav Kook article there

I'm interested in coming for a Friday night (obviously not the one you indicated). Not sure how to contact you, but my email (for now) is