Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Now for real..

Now that I have one of these blog things for the first time, I suddenly have no idea what to write. Where do I start? How do I magically get that "established", "popular" blog feeling that all the cool bloggers have?

So I figure, if I pretend this is a great blog, maybe people will be dumb enough to actually believe me. That said, I'm gonna post as if I have an 18-month history of scintillating posts, all of which are resolute and breathtaking in their scope yet humane and characterized by a sensitivity to nuance and to the human spirit. And funny, of course.

Oh yeah, and the color scheme's so ugly, I'll have to change it. Not that I have any sense of how colors go together, but anything that looks like it's been rusting away for 40 years can't be cool. I want some SHINY. "From racing cars to rockets, the use of the color silver symbolizes speed and high-technology." Anyway, hopefully when you read this, the page won't be dull orange anymore, and you won't have any clue what I'm talking about.

OK now. It seems my 18 month history of glorious and articulate posts has been deleted by blogspot. Therefore, I will now summarize what I've been doing this week. I'm on spring break. I'm mostly staying at my university, though I took a day trip into "town" last Sunday, and hope to spend this weekend elsewhere.

You should all read "By His Light" by R' Lichtenstein. I'm about halfway through.

P.S. what does scintillating mean?

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Anonymous said...

[Oxford English Dictionary]
■ adjective
sparkling or shining brightly.
brilliant and exciting: his scintillating wit.

■ verb emit flashes of light; sparkle. ▶Physics fluoresce momentarily when struck by a charged particle or photon.

from L. scintillat-, scintillare 'to sparkle', from scintilla 'spark'.